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What is MaddyPilates Workout? 

MaddyPilates Workout videos include a variety of levels, duration, exercises and props.


New workouts are added every month with something for everyone. All the workouts are sorted by levels and categories so you can find a class designed perfectly for you and your goals.


Some of the categories include:

  • Specialty Classes

  • Express Workouts 

  • Special Cases

  • Travel Series

  • Daily Essentials 

See you on the Mat!

Side bend .jpg


You have the option to subscribe monthly for $19.99 or yearly for $220. Subscribe for a year and get a month free! 

Try it for free

Free 3 day trial for you to check it out.

Price Lock 

All first time subscribers are guaranteed a price lock! Meaning if you subscribe now, your price will never go up as long as you are continuously subscribed. 


All your favorite classes will be on there: Restorative, All Level, Props, Advanced with new classes added monthly. 

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