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Pregnancy and Postpartum Pilates 

My on demand website for workouts and instructional videos for pregnancy and postpartum is live! 

3 free day trial for you to check it out!

Why Pre/Post-Natal Pilates? 

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Connecting Movement to Breath 

Connection between the physical work of Pilates and breathing is helpful throughout pregnancy and is especially important during labor and delivery. 

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Helps your changing body. 

Everything is moving anteriorly, towards the front of the body. Very important to strengthen the posterior chain to stay out of pain. 

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You can do Pilates throughout your entire pregnancy. 

This is very unique to Pilates, it is safe to do throughout and you can modify Pilates for how you are feeling that day. 

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Teaches you how to listen to your body. 

Empowers you to let go of ego and do what works for you. You decide what feels good because everyone is different. 

This list is just a scratch on the surface of the benefits for Mom's doing Pilates. My site will go into all this in much greater detail. 

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Looking for something more tailored to your exact needs? 

Contact me below for Private sessions. Currently done virtually for everyone's safety.

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